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Dec. 1, 2010: GameCritics SWERY Interview, fan vids

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And yet another month dawns on Planet REDWOOD.  Hopefully we'll see some new fans after people find copies of DP under the Christmas tree!  Do we believe in Santa Claus, Zach?

Latest awesome things in the Deadly universe:

  • New SWERY interview!  This one comes courtesy of the fine folks over at GameCritics, who were kind enough to ask me to contribute some questions (#2-6 are mine).  These were specific things I was personally curious about, and I'm quite pleased with the answers he gave.  And kudos to whoever asked about the farms; I never thought of that one!

Of particular interest is his response to the question of how he went about constructing the story:

"I will have a session at GDC 2011 in which I will reveal the secrets of how I wrote the plot, so I would like to speak about it then. If I am selected as an official speaker, I will try to let everyone know. By the way, I worked on the ending right up until my deadline, writing, thinking, and rewriting." 

A GDC talk by SWERY certainly would be something to see, wouldn't it, Zach?  Anyway, GameCritics has more DP content on their site (also available on the Links page), so be sure to track it all down!

  • Purge This Mess: The fourth of a series of amazing music covers from DIVAKaiWilliams, also a regular on the Community Center forums.  This one is a vocalized version of the non-vocal track "Greenvale", a haunting little tune that evokes the mystery at the heart of the town for which it's named...
  • 'Nother DP Let's Play! that's making the rounds on the Something Awful forums, this one by supergreatfriend.  You can tell you're in for a good time when the very first line is "Have you ever felt like a game was made just for you?" followed by the fade-in of the Deadly Premonition logo.
  • In role-playing news, we have our Agent York!  Kaysen's in town, people are starting to see things they shouldn't, and Polly's making waffles.  Yes, just your typical day in idyllic Greenvale... Apparently our mods have some plot stuff cooked up and ready to serve, but if you're interested in joining in, don't hesitate to apply.  We'd love to have you!

Nov. 18: Hell D. contest, Movember, guitar lessons

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Wow, way too much stuff has been going on for me to keep up with.  But that's the nature of an investigation, Zach: It's like being swept downstream by a raging river.  You can't count on anything to stay still for a moment.

Latest awesome things in the Deadly universe:

  • Hell Descent Sinner's Sandwich contest: All you have to do is make a sandwich of your own devising for a chance to win a (US) copy of Deadly Premonition!  Check the page for contest details.  Deadline is November 26, so get sammich-making!  Hosted by site affiliate Hell Descent.
  • This incredible Greenvale map, created by Psiharis, actually enables you to toggle almost every icon on or off, including people's houses, trading card locations, minigame spots, even which chapters the cards are available!  And it scales!  Make sure you never leave home without a copy in your glove compartment.
  • IGN UK gave Deadly Premonition a 7.5.  At last, the circle is complete.  Also, see this nice little write up from Vyse Hyzuky, who reflected on his experiences playing Red Seeds Profile here.  Now that he mentions it, York actually is like an alternate-reality version of Pat Bateman from American Psycho if his job was catching serial killers instead of being one himself.  That was a pretty good movie, Zach, but the comparison is kind of disturbing!
  • 'Nother UK review, before I forget: Daily Record's Scott Munro gave DP a 5/5 with this recommendation: "Despite its clumsy gameplay, archaic touches and lack of polish, there's something truly remarkable about Deadly Premonition. It's a touching, melancholic, humorous, gripping and at times disturbing yarn that succeeds in trumping games such as Alan Wake at almost every turn."
  • SWERY gets a tip of the hat from GDM's Game Developer 50, which "attempts to put faces and names to some of the most significant contributions to the game industry over the last year".  In the field of Design, number five on the list, is our very own Suehiro Hidetaka!  From the brief: "Most impressive is the main character, with his carefully considered persona and deep monologues. Anyone writing modern video game characters could learn something from Deadly Premonition."
  • Random site updates: Lyrics updated and moved to the Soundtrack page.  A question has been added to the Endgame Q&A page in the Plot section, and SWERY's cosomology chart is now in English (thanks to jos4 for the image).
  • Here's a nifty explanation from Ben Schlichter regarding the make of Keith's guitar, Grecotch.  I had attributed it to a Japanese company called Greco, but several people have pointed out that Gretsch is the more likely candidate:

A hollowbody is just that - hollow. You can tell that it's a hollowbody by having holes on the sides of the guitar, which allow the sound to resonate in the hollow chamber. Essentially, its a cross between an acoustic guitar (that creates sound by having space inside the body, so when you puck a string, it makes noise) and an electric (it has electric pickups to take the sound, and put it into an amp).  Here's an example:


The top ones are all semi-hollow (which is the correct term....A fully hollow body would be an acoustic).  The bottom ones are all solid-bodies.  That is why you'd have to think that the guitar in DP is a Gretsch because it looks like it has the semi-hollowbody "F" holes.

Well, Zach, you learn something new every day!
  • Private_pike sent me this screenshot on Twitter.  Insert tailgating/merging lanes joke here.


Fancy a DP RP, Zach?

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So this is pretty nifty: The Sinner's Sandwich is a role-playing forum set in an alternate Greenvale, where players can re-enact the lives of their favorite characters from the game or branch out and create their own stories set in the world of Deadly Premonition.  Just post your character application in the appropriate board, get it approved, and start interacting with the locals.  It was set up just recently so there's lots of spots open; I myself will be participating as Agent David Young Henning (ahaha... ha), so maybe I'll see you there!  Run by Lady Vincira/Mr. Stewart.  Banner design by Glace Leau.

Torisu of Rising Star Games was kind enough to send me the following hi-red photos of the mystery packages that were sent out to a few lucky players upon the game's European release.  Click on the images to see them in all their pickled glory (the text on the back label is especially inspired, and kind of gross):


A quick survey of random UK reviews.  Looks like I may have to make another GOTY In The Coffee poster soon:


  • GameBosh [85%]: "Deadly Premonition is probably one of the greatest games you'll never play."
  • Resolution Magazine [6/10]: "There a genius level of experience here wrapped up in mediocrity and crazy. Peel away the layers and underneath, through the frustration and cringes is a magnum opus that just might be on the same wave length as you."
  • DealSpwn [8/10]: "The story and characterisation are strong enough to force open-minded players to forgive each and every one of its numerous flaws. ...Most of you will hate it- with good reason- but invested gamers will discover a genuine cult classic that has no equal on the system."
  • RobotGeek [5/5]: "Deadly Premonition will have you scared, confused, howling with laughter and confused some more, and that’s why I love it. It’s one of the best games to come out in recent memory, go pick it up, you won’t regret it. As a piece of entertainment, Deadly Premonition is simply sublime."
  • Electronic Theatre [88%]: "It’s often been said that there’s a fine line between genius and insanity, and Deadly Premonition treads that line with wanton abandon. ...In a nutshell, there are very few more imaginative acts you’ll see this year."
  • Metro [8/10]: "It's all so vastly more interesting than Alan Wake and Heavy Rain (the two games we imagine it will be most commonly compared to) that we've half a mind to go back and dock their scores retroactively."

Another glitch added to the Beginner's Manual: If you get stuck in the Milk Barn and don't want to restart the game, smoke cigarettes until the store closes.  You'll get kicked out automatically at 12:00.  Good to know, FBI! 

DP Hits Europe, Plus Other Stuff

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  • GOTY in the Coffee poster that I forgot to put up.  SOURCES: Destructoid, 1-Up, G4TV, Game Informer, X-Play, Chris' Survival Horror Quest, NowGamer, Something Awful, the Giant Bomb forums, Joystick Division, NTSC-UK, BeefJack, and a few other places I can't remember.

Telegraph UK Interview

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Just two more days until Agent York's European tour! In the meantime, please check out this wonderful SWERY interview conducted by Tom Hoggins from the Telegraph UK. There's some familiar ground covered, but there are also some beautifully expressed aspects of the game's design process that I wish mainstream developers would take more notice of. Specifically, the implementation of "lovely useless elements", which SWERY believes are integral to a "realistic" game environment (where, paradoxically, "common sense does not apply"). His description of how they came up with York's personality is gold as well. European players, your time is nigh!